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Carlos Mortensen Adds Fire And Passion In Poker

With his awesome win in 2001, Carlos Mortensen, also known as El Matador has become one of the best and most exciting players behind the green felt today. Known for his aggression and his intensity, Carlos and his passion for poker has translated into the player's many titles and wins over the years. He was married to professional poker player Cecilia Reyes for over a decade. El Matador has tamed many a game and a player. His wild and unpredictable style accompanied by his odd way of stacking his chips makes him a hard player to miss during a tournament.

El Matador was born Juan Carlos Mortensen in Ambato, Ecuador. He was born to a Spanish mother and a Danish diplomat for a father. The family lived in Ecuador until Carlos was 15 and then they moved to Madrid, Spain. Carlos graduated with degrees in mathematics and physics and married Cecilia while they were still students. Before he discovered poker, Carlos was an avid chess player. Carlos discovered the excitement and the mental effort poker offers when he was asked by some men to play with them. The men were playing Texas Hold 'Em and saw Carlos, then a bartender, and asked him to play poker. Carlos lost that night and he did not sleep until he understood where and how he went wrong in the game.

Carlos decided to move to the United States in 1997 to pursue a career in poker. When he moved, he decided to drop the Juan from his name and was since known as Carlos Mortensen. It was not until 2001 that Carlos won a title and what a title it was. In this World Series of Poker, Carlos faced the biggest names in poker and bested all of them. He made his way to the final table where he faced Dewey Tomko, a three-time bracelet WSOP player. Carlos was holding pocket rockets and then the river dealt him a king-high straight. It was then that Carlos won his first WSOP bracelet and $1.5 million.

El Matador went on to win his second gold WSOP bracelet in 2003. During this year, he bested players in a Limit Hold ‘Em, which was a $5,000 event. The following year, Carlos won first place in the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic where he got $1 million in winnings. In 2007, he cemented his spot in the poker scene where he won the $4 million prize as well as the honor of being the only player who has won both the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour.

One of the most interesting things about Carlos is that he stacks his poker chips in pyramids or in odd arrangements when he is playing, something he says he misses when playing poker online (A pro of internet poker however is that online poker rooms don't just offer poker. Most of them offer casino games including slot games for added entertainment). He does this especially when he is bored. Aside from stacking chips Egyptian style, Carlos listens to his iPod and plays chess and Sudoku when he starts feeling bored during a tournament or a match.

As one of the most respected players, El Matador is determined to seat himself in more final tables and has no plans of retiring from poker any time soon.